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There are several options available to schools for funding the purchase of their website

  • Parents’ Association / BOM fundraising initiatives: cake sales; bag pack; sponsored walks etc.
  • Some schools have been successful in getting a local business to sponsor the website in return for acknowledgement on the site in the form of a logo or simple message
  • There have been cases of where a school is having building works carried out the contractor has sponsored the website in return for acknowledgement on the site. This might be further ‘sweetened’ by including a photo montage of the building work as the project progresses.
  • Large global companies are often in a position to contribute towards a school’s website particularly if they are acknowledged for their contribution with something like “We couldn’t have created this wonderful site without the kind support of ABC Company
  • Some large corporations have funds set aside for local communities and schools. These are not always advertised widely and sometimes it takes a simple call to the organisation to ask what funds there are available.
  • There are times when government grants and monies can be used for paying for the website.