Why do I need a website?

To show-case your school to the wider community; to communicate quickly and effectively; to save money.

Why shouldn’t we ask a parent or friend of the school to build a website at a lower cost?

Because the website will belong to them, and not your school. It is in the schools long term interest to be in total control of their website system. By using our company’s services you can be guaranteed a simple, professional and efficient website system allowing your user/s control over all alterations, updates, deadlines etc.

Can you add additional pages to the website at any stage?

Additional pages can be purchased from head office and added to your website system at any stage.

Can you choose your own domain name?

Yes. The domain must be available for purchase. We can check this for you.

Can I retain my old domain name?

Yes. If you already have a registered domain name you can have it transferred to us and we can build your new site using your existing domain name. Alternatively we can forward your existing domain name to your new domain name.

Can I use my existing content?

Yes. But it must be provided to us via our on-line Content Compiler.

Can I have a page for printable forms, permission slips, etc?

Yes. Most schools have a “downloads” page for any such items.

What does CMS stand for?

“Content Managed System”

Is it easy to update the content of the website?

Yes. Through the CMS which is part of your website system, it is as easy as editing a MS Word document.

Are there any restrictions to how many times I can update the website daily / weekly / monthly?

No. Using the CMS provided you can edit the content as frequently as you wish.

Can the website or individual pages be password protected?

Yes. It is possible to set up either a secure login area or password protect any page or level of the website or CMS editor.

Can I display videos / sound files on my website?


What happens if I lose or forget the password to the CMS?

You need to contact us and our Customer Support department will reset your password.

Can I have an individual page dedicated to sport / projects / recycling?

Yes.  You can have as many pages as you wish. The cost of your website system will depend on the size of your website.

Is it possible to set up a gallery page and include historical photos from previous classes?

Yes. Old photos can be scanned and included in the gallery.

Can I get support?

Yes. Schools Websites comes with a full user manual and online video tutorials. Extra training is available but will incur an extra charge. In the unlikely event of you experiencing unexpected problems with your website system, contact our customer support team at head office.

What is the annual ongoing cost of a website?

There is an annual fee of €165(incl. VAT) which covers re-registration of your domain name, the hosting of your website system, and access to the user manual and online video tutorials.

Can I give restricted access to students to update their own class / projects page?

Yes. Various levels of access can be given to different users.

How can I be sure that the content of my website is safe?

All of our websites are hosted on highly secure servers which are backed up frequently.

Can I archive the content of my site at the end of the school year?

Yes. We can set up an archiving facility on your site which will enable you to archive any page at the click of a button.